The Gallery Engagement Team (G.E.T.)

The Gallery Engagement Team at Bucknell University is a student-run group devoted to creating awareness and advocating community involvement with the campus’ Samek Art Museum. G.E.T. members work closely with the Samek Museum Director, Richard Rinehart, as well as other members of the staff, to promote museum exhibitions and events. The group is also in contact with many other student organizations, encouraging the use of the Museum as a unique space for art-related or unrelated events. Interested in signing up? Check out the Gallery Engagement Team on the Bucknell Involvement Network. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

G.E.T. to know our exec board!
Name: Becca Reeve
Position: President

Major(s): Art History and Studio Art

Reason for Joining GET: It is the best way that I have found to get connected to the art community on campus.  It also provided me with an opportunity to learn about how galleries operate which is something I’m interested in pursuing as a career.

Fun Fact: I love cats.

 Name: Katherine Miller
Position: VP Marketing 

Major(s): Art History with a double minor in Arts Entrepreneurship and Theatre

Reason for joining GET: It is an incredible opportunity to get involved with the art galleries on campus. I love planning and conducting events centered on engaging the study body with the art exhibitions on campus. It’s exciting to discover all the career and learning opportunities presented by working with the Samek Art Museum.

Fun fact: I love to cook!

 Name: Kasey Bailey
Position: VP Human Resources

Major(s): History and Art History

Reason for joining GET: I love art myself and wanted to share that enjoyment and beauty with the rest of Bucknell!

Fun fact: I love painting in my spare time, even though I can barely draw a stick figure!

Name: Danielle Retcho
Position: VP Events Management 

Major(s): Art History and Pre-Med

Reason for joining GET: My love of art and my desire to share art with others.

Fun fact: I love to ski!

Name: Francesca Richman
Position: VP Social Media

Major(s): Art History and Italian Studies

Reason for joining GET: I love being involved on campus with the Samek Museum because art is my passion and I want other students on campus to be aware of all the awesome events there are on and off campus.

Fun fact: Last summer I interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy!

Name: Jill Crooks
Position: Treasurer

Major(s): Global Management, Art History minor

Reason for joining GET: Wanted an excuse to spend lots of time in the Samek Museum.

Fun fact: I love to play scrabble!


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