The Gallery Engagement Team (G.E.T.)

The Gallery Engagement Team at Bucknell University is a student-run group devoted to creating awareness and advocating community involvement with the campus’ Samek Art Museum. G.E.T. members work closely with the Samek Museum Director, Richard Rinehart, as well as other members of the staff, to promote museum exhibitions and events. The group is also in contact with many other student organizations, encouraging the use of the Museum as a unique space for art-related or unrelated events.

G.E.T. to know our members!

Name: Emily Hochman
Position: President
Major(s): Art History major, Italian & Dance minor
Reason for joining GET: I originally joined G.E.T. as a founding member to expand my interest for art and be a part of something new. My friend told me she was starting Samek’s first student group. I was intrigued and excited to be a part of the development of the club.
Fun fact: While I was studying abroad in Italy, I visited 10 countries and 25 cities!
Name: Nicki Briggs
Position: VP of Marketing

Major (s):  Economics Major, Creative Writing Minor, Marketing Concentration
Reason for joining GET:  I joined GET as a founding member as a way of becoming more involved on campus. I did not know that much about art, but have since developed an appreciation for it that I would never have had before.  It was the best choice I could have made!
Fun fact: I studied abroad in London last semester!
Name: Sarah Battle

Position: Gallery Blogger
Major(s): Art History and Education
Reason for joining GET: As an Art History major, I naturally am interested in participated in the Art community here on campus. The Samek Art Gallery is an incredible resource for the student body. I have been on GET since the beginning and its been a great joy to see this club grow!
 Fun Fact: My 8 year old cat Tiger has a twitter… and yes, I tweet at him sometimes.
Name: Doug Bogan
Position: “Member Emeritus”
Major(s): Electrical Engineering / Music
Reason for joining G.E.T.: It’s a shame that many Bucknell students don’t know that the Samek Gallery even exists.  Therefore, I believe strongly in G.E.T.’s mission to spread the word of the gallery and to engage students in fun events hosted in the space.
Fun Fact: I am deathly afraid of spiders.
Name: Priscilla Leung
Position: VP of Human Resources
Majors: Art History and Spanish
Reasons for joining G.E.T: I have always been interested in art and the exhibitions at the Samek Gallery. As an Art History Major, I thought this would be a great way to get involved with the art community on campus. I have attended several G.E.T. events in the past, and found them all really enjoyable/ interesting. I decided to become a member of this team because I wanted to promote to the student body all the amazing events at the Samek.
Fun Fact: I was born in Hong Kong and lived there for eight years
Name: Carly Robb
Position: Marketing Manager
Major(s): English
Reason for joining G.E.T.: Did studio art throughout high school; love of art
Fun Fact: My favorite sport is snowboarding
Name: Eric Schroeder
Position: Design chair
Major(s): Studio Art
Reason for joining G.E.T.: We have so many wonderful opportunities to experience the arts at Bucknell that go under the radar. I want to not only raise awareness for these events, but also get involved and have a hand in planning them.
Fun Fact: I sometimes have Skype conversations with my puppy, Kiwi
Name: Kate Miller
Position: Marketing manager of social media
Major: Arts Entrepreneurship
Reasons for joining: To foster engagement with between the student body and artistic culture on campus. I look forward to gaining experience in planning and conducting museum related and as well as learning more about career opportunities within the art world.
Fun Fact: I’ve choreographer a main stage Commedia dell’arte show  here at Bucknell
Name: Sunny Streep
Position: Event Planning
Major(s): Art History
Reason for joining G.E.T.: A friend told me about it and I it would be a great addition to my major
Fun Fact: I love to dance!
Name: Gillie Bruce
Position: Member
Major: Art History

Reason for joining G.E.T.: To get involved in helping other people enjoy the Samek Gallery!
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Sydney!
Name: Kasey Bailey
Position: Member
Major(s): History and Art History, double major
Reason for joining G.E.T.: I wanted to be more involved with the Gallery an get the word out about it!
Fun Fact: I really enjoy painting, even though I have no artistic skill at all
Name: Danielle Retcho
Position: Member
Major(s): Art History on the Pre Med Track
Reason for joining G.E.T.: Love of art and of the Samek Art Gallery
Fun Fact: Skiing is my favorite sport!
Name: Rebecca Reeve
Position: Member
Major(s): Undecided, leaning towards Art History
Reason for joining G.E.T.: I wanted to be more connected to the campus art scene and working with art galleries is something that I’ve done in the past and really enjoyed.
Fun fact: I’m really good at the grumpy cat face.
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